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Bent Door Panel Replacement

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At some point, most owners experience having a panel of their garage door bent. Austin Overhead Doors is aware of this and has experience with replacing individual panels of the door. The specific panel is not a major issue, as all panels are typically replaceable.

How Bends Happen

There are many reasons that a garage door panel becomes bent. It can happen because of any serious impact. However, it can also be a result of just the passage of time. When the panel is bent due to impact, it can be from various items. Panels can be hit by a fast moving ball while kids or adults are playing, by being hit by equipment being moved in and out of the garage, or by being hit by a vehicle.

Replacement Considerations

There are a few serious considerations that must be addressed when thinking about replacing a panel. Depending on the specifics of your current door, replacement may not be an option. A few things to consider include:
  • Number of panels that need replaced.
  • Age of the garage door.
  • Condition of the garage door.
  • Location of the damaged panel and any damage to related parts.
  • Availability of an appropriate replacement panel.
Each of these considerations are of equal importance and the answer to just one could determine whether the panel can be replaced or if a new garage door is needed.

Replacement Panel Availability

Most manufacturers make replacement panels available for a specified number of years after the door has been manufactured. The specific time varies based on the manufacturer and specific door. The older the door, the less likely a replacement panel will be available. When a replacement panel is available, it is important to realize that this is still considered to be a temporary fix. Replacing a garage door panel is not intended to be the ultimate solution. It is meant to provide a sufficient solution until a new door can be installed at a later date.

Panel Considerations

The bottom panels of a garage door are the most common ones to need replacing. They are also the ones that are typically related closely to other parts. If this is the panel that needs replaced, it is important to also carefully inspect the connected parts for damage. If more than one door panel is damaged, total repair costs must be considered. Typically, one to two panels can reasonably be replaced. However, as the number of panels increases, so does the cost and likelihood of it being more cost effective to purchase a new door. It is imperative that the replacement panel be appropriate for the door and identical to the replaced panel. This includes not only the obvious requirement of being the same size, but also the weight of the panel. All panels of the door are specific in size and weight in order to provide the appropriate balance for the overall garage door.

Let Us Help

Deciding between replacing the panel and replacing the whole door is not always an easy decision. The team at Austin Overhead Doors will evaluate the entire door and make a recommendation. They will also let you know if it is not possible to replace the panel, due to an appropriate replacement not being available.

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