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Bent Garage Door Tracks

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Bent garage door tracks are a very common problem experienced by owners. The team at Austin Overhead Doors is happy to take a look and determine if the track can be repaired or needs replaced. You can then proceed with having the work completed.

Immediate Repair Is Needed

A garage door that has one or more bent tracks is extremely dangerous. It needs to be repaired as soon as possible and should not be used prior to being repaired. This is important regardless of how minor the bend is or where exactly it is bent. In addition to being very dangerous to operate, doing so with bent tracks can cause damage to other parts of the garage door system. The bends are typically easy to see and/or you are aware when it happens. The tracks on the side of the door are the most common ones to be bent, however, all tracks can be bent.

What Causes Bent Tracks?

The garage door tracks are what hold the door, whether the door is stationary or in motion. If they are bent or misaligned, extensive damage can occur and affect multiple other parts. Bends and other track damage can be caused by a variety of things.
  • Getting hit by objects being carried into or out of the garage.
  • Being run into by a vehicle.
  • Misalignment of the tracks.
  • Using the wrong tracks for the door or opener system.
  • Other damaged parts that also resulted in damage to the tracks.
No matter what caused the bent tracks, repair or replacement is imperative.

Repair or Replace?

The extent of damage to the track determines if it is possible to repair or needs to be replaced. Minor bends can usually be repaired without much problem. However, more extensive bends will require the track be replaced. If the garage door is used with benet tracks, it can cause extensive damage to various other parts. The rollers are unable to operate as they should. This is why it is so important that bent tracks be addressed immediately.

Replacing A Bent Track

Replacing a bent track is never an easy task. It involves much more than simply switching out the part. Not only does the new door need to be the correct size but it also needs to be properly aligned once installed. Replacing a bent track is not a straightforward process. The specific track that is replaced changes how the replacement must be done. Different techniques must be used for different sections of track. Once the new track is in place, it must be aligned properly. Without proper alignment, damage will occur almost immediately. Misaligned tracks can cause extensive damage to the entire garage door system.

Call Us Quickly

If you have a bent track, it is imperative that you have it fixed immediately and not use the door until the repair has been made. Austin Overhead Doors is available to come out and evaluate the bend(s), typically on the same day you call. Often, we are able to begin, or even complete, repairs and replacement during the same day.

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