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Every garage door system has a large number of parts, one of which is the garage door opener drum. The technicians at Austin Overhead Doors are qualified to work on all parts, including garage door opener drums. Inspecting and replacing the drum are just two of many things they can do.

What Are Drums? Why Are They Important?

All garage door opener systems that uses cables, also use drums. Each cable has its own drum, which is imperative to the operations of the door. The drum sits at the top corner area closest to where the garage door sits when it is closed, near the outer wall. In these garage door systems, the drum is the part that does the actual work. The garage door opener drum rotates and controls the movement of the cables and, therefore, the garage door. The drum is essential to a cable based garage door to open and close the door.

What Breaks on a Garage Door Opener Drum?

Typically, it is the actual drum that breaks or becomes unrepairable. Drums require a considerably closer and more in-depth inspection than most any other part. Drum damage is not only harder to locate and more important to locate but also much more dangerous than other problems.
  • The drum has one or more places where pieces have chipped off
  • The drum as developed one or more cracks
  • The drum has become warped
  • Rust has begun to form on the drum
  • The grooves that hold the cables have smoothed out
  • The cables no longer stay on the drums
  • Small divots have developed on the drums
These are some of the most common indicators that the garage door drum needs replaced, as repair is typically not feasible.

Our Options

Garage door drums are available in multiple sizes, which depends on your door. The weight of your garage door plays a significant role in the drum size. Using the wrong size drum can cause anything from total failure to work to catastrophic damage of the door, garage structure, or entire system. Our technicians ensure the proper size drum is used. They also ensure everything is as it should be after a repair. However, it is still up to the customer to decide on the specific brand and model to use, provided it is the correct size drum.

Available Brands and Models

As with all other garage door parts, we work with multiple brands, models, and suppliers. There are many manufacturers that provide similar and interchangeable drums. We are able to get any garage door drum that is available on the market, no matter the brand, model, or size. This also allows customers to consider not only brand but also consider the price. Often times, the same drum has multiple prices based on the named stamped on it. This is important to remember when deciding which replacement drums to purchase, as prices can vary greatly based on the name the drum is sold under.

Call Us For Your Inspection

Inspecting the garage door drums can be challenging and our team is up for the challenge! Austin Overhead Doors team has completed extensive training on drum inspection and drum replacement. Give us a call today to schedule your inspection appointment.

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